Night Six: Integrity

Night Six: Integrity

Tonight we relight our first five candles: Faith, Freedom, Courage, Love and Charity. And we add a sixth, a word which will make this pool of light shine with greater brilliance than ever before. That word is “Integrity.”

This is a good, hard, real word – a word that means honesty, and firmness of mind and purpose.

If we have integrity, nothing will swerve us or cause us to turn aside from the things we believe. If we have integrity, we will always do what we must do, without being afraid, without yielding to the temptation to betray our fellow man or cheapen our good name.

If we have integrity, we will stand up and be counted when we are asked to state our opinion on the issues confronting us. If we have integrity, we will not cheat or spy. If we have integrity, we will do our share of the work and not shirk our responsibility.

If we have integrity, we will keep our faith bright. If we have integrity, we will hold freedom dear; we will place courage high; we will respect love; we will give charity. If we have integrity, the Ten Commandments will be law that we will serve in every second of every minute of every day of every year.

To live a life without integrity is to live no life at all.

Behold, thou desirest truth in the inward parts; make me, therefore, to know wisdom in mine in most heart. (PSALM 51:6)

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